​Artron (Shanghai) Arts Centre /

Artron (Shanghai) Arts Centre is reconstructed from Shanghai Towel 16th Factory. The overall reconstruction is base on the principle of maximum reservation and taking advantage of original space, which is fully considered about the convenience and economical efficiency of construction. The combination of original industrial spatial scale and atmosphere with new design is another benefit of reservation in this reconstruction.

Within the Arts Centre, "Dingyi Biulding" is visual core of the whole district, which is designed by the cooperation with artist Dingyi, and transformed from sewage treatment station of original towel factory in result of obtaining the functional form feature. Architect recommend artist to design ceramic tile with different color scheme base on his own drawing style, witch to be used as the primary decorative material for facade with the design purpose of adding a new layer of significance on existing industrial construction. The design reserves the original sewage bucket funnel, which partly be designed as functional form feature for ground floor Cafe, and partly be transformed as courtyard in the upper space. The original sewage channel be treat as the rain water drain device to be present in the interior of Cafe. By design through the implanted new functions such as Cafe, Bookstore and Art Exhibition Hall to transform the original sewage treatment station into a new art space. The colorized crisscross pattern ceramic tiles designed by artist Dingyi has enhanced this construction's artistic atmosphere, while the original information about industrial construction doesn't lose.

[ Artron (Shanghai) Arts Centre ]

Location Jialuo Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

Floor Area         18 300sqm

Design Period   2010.11-2013.11

Completion       2014.5

Photography     Zhang Siye