Yunyang Riverfront Visitor Centre /

Yunyang is located in the hinterland of the Three Gorges Dam area in Chongqing, sitting on the southern slope of Longji Ridge north to the Yangtzi River. A visitor center was planned along the riverfront greenbelt to serve the citizens for leisure. The client wanted to fill up the small bay down the Yunyang Port and reclaim it as the project site. Compared to the grand Yangtzi River, the tranquil bay has unique landscape characteristics. Its north, east and downstream shores are natural cliffs falling straight into the water. The west and upstream shores are slopes leading into the water, currently being transformed into engineered river bank and revetment. According to the plan, the river bank will cut off the bay from the river, extending to the east cliff. Therefore, even if the bay would not be filled up, it would lose its significance anyway.

The design seeks to preserve the bay, and locate the visitor center on its west shore. The building stands as a finish to the bank and continues the cliff, encircling the bay while completing the embankment construction. It moderately integrates with urban infrastructures, locating itself as part of the landscape. The architecture restores the order by repositioning and integrating conflicted spatial elements, thus it connects with the site on the physical level. The landscape of the river and the mountains has sublime and picturesque aesthetic values when observed at different distances. The building provides correspondent viewing spaces with diverse atmospheres, connecting with the landscape on the experience level. The architecture stresses its expression as an artifact and brings up subtle tension with the river and the city, structuring a metaphysical connection with them. With these layers of connections, the Yunyang Riverfront Visitor Center completes its interpretation of the surroundings, and achieves its own being eventually.

Project Name: Yunyang Riverfront Visitor Center in Chongqing

Location: Binjiang Avenue, Yunyang, Chongqing

Area: 9011 sqm

Design Period: 2015.01 - 2016.08

Completion: 2019.10

Architects: Atelier Deshaus

Design Team: Chen Yifeng, Liu Yichun, Gao Lin, Song Chongfang, Wang Xuepei

M&E: CMCU Engineering Co.,Ltd

Engineers: Liu Zhengrong, Zeng Xiaolei, Jianghui, Jing Qizeng, Liao Jianbao, Yi Xiaoqi, Zhang Faguo, Zhang Dan, Li Yubin, Tian Xuegang, Shen Shiping