Plot 6 of Jishan Base in Jiangsu Software Park /

Jishan base of Jiangsu Software Park is located in a beautiful landscape of the undulating hills. The project will provide suburban office spaces for IT companies. Thecourtyard walls enclose a flat artificial area in a natural undulating landscape, where courtyards and open working places flow on the ground floor . The second and thirdfloor spaces are disassembled into different parts leaning against the walls, with nothing negative influence to the courtyard on the ground floor. All buildings on the sitecombined with the rolling topography, create an organic community and represent the same logical structure as the inner spaces of the building. The courtyard walls limit the interior space and define the boundary to the external environment. The whitewash is used for the wall, while the rest facades of the up-floors are enveloped by the wooden adumbral components.

Beside the suburban attractive environment, and under the blue sky in Nanjing, the white walls mixed with brown woods are expressing their respect to the traditional Jiangnan dwellings. The design of the tea house is integrated with the undulating landscape, inserting a small transformer substation into the sloping site, leaving the upper visible part as the teahouse. The house is encircled by a corridor hanging out of the main building, floating along the landform, or standing away from the ground, represents the topography in the architectural language.

The corridor is enveloped by nylon threads, providing a hazy poetic status by its soft and translucent feature, which also gives the contemporary description of the traditional Jiangnan area of China.

[ Plot 6 of Jishan Base in Jiangsu Software Park ]
Location            Jishan, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
Floor Area         12 000sqm
Design Period   2006.5-2006.12
Completion       2008.7
Photography     Shu He